A supposed Slender Man siting.

As far back as the dawn of man, Slender Man has always been there. No one is sure what or who, or even where he is from. Earliest depictions come from cave paintings, but from the 40s on, he has been caught on camera wearing a black suit and tie.

Eyewitness accounts claim he is extremely tall, with a height ranging from 6-10 feet. He is bald. Curiously, no one can remember his face, and many accounts claim he can manifest more arms than God has given.

Legends around him are plenty, but there is one truth to this: he stalks those that notice him. He is usually seen abducting children in a manner like that of the Pied Piper. What his true nature is, we shall never know. Is he the original Man in Black? Death himself? Some say he is either a time traveler or someone from another dimension, set out to save the human race from a porcelain-faced demon known as totheark.

He likes Donuts

As of today, no one who has been 'kidnapped' by Slender Man have been found.


There has been much dispute over where Slender Man came from, though the first internet-based record of him comes from the "Something Awful" forums, by a user who knew photoshop a little too well. However, some have discovered seperate legends centuries ago that fit his description, such as the German "Der Grosse Mann", the Dutch "Takkenmann" and the British "Dark Man". Description Edit Slender Man has changed form in the past years since June 10, 2009, when he first appeared in digital form on the "Something Awful" forums. His most notable features include long, twisted arms, a face with little human structure, completely egg-faced skin tone, and his unusual height. He has also been rumored to have many snake-like arms, with appearances similar to that of something from Tim Burton's "A Night Before Christmas." He is said to be a creature "not of this world" and his long, "comforting" arms seem to encourage people to kill children.

Slender Man rarely speaks, usually using wordless seduction on his victims, but there are occasional accounts of Slender Man speaking to his victim through a form of telepathy.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Curiously, there have been additional references to Slender Man beyond his appearance on the "Something Awful" forums. There have been German woodcuts with this entity on them that date back to the 1850s. The recent Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, and Tribe Twelve ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) also involve Slender Man in some way, as they depict various people being haunted by him and various other entities.